Strategic Decision-Making Just Got A Lot Easier

Obtain the information you need to remain informed about working conditions, employee morale, customer needs and wants, plus more with Decision Survey In A Box. You can develop detailed surveys and instantly publish them to the web to capture knowledge and insight from a global audience. Survey participants access and complete surveys using a standard web browser, quickly arming you with information necessary to make informed, strategic decisions. Decision Survey In A Box reduces you costs by eliminating the cost of printed materials, postage, or online service fees. Most important, it is customizable to fit your needs.

Instant Feedback Is Just A Click Away

Creating surveys for Internet use has never been more effortless than with Decision Survey In A Box. A set of survey templates come standard, and you can choose from one of them or develop a custom survey to exactly fit the needs of your company.

Just determine the purpose for the survey, identify the information you expect to capture, write the questions, select the response type (yes/no, multiple choice/one answer, multiple choice/multiple answers, number or open-ended), and write the answer choices when applicable. With the click of a button, your survey is instantly available on the Internet for access by anyone, anywhere.

Make Your Surveys Work For You—Immediately

Once a survey is published to the Internet, users can complete it and submit their responses directly from your website. The replies are automatically routed to the Lotus Notes Decision Survey database, and the appropriate individuals are notified via e-mail that new responses to the survey have been received.

Once the results have been captured into the Decision Survey database, the information can easily be exported into a spreadsheet for analysis or graphical presentation. Additionally, you can use any reporting tool such as Integra for Notes, Snap! or Crystal Reports to create detailed analysis of your survey. DSB provides a Survey Reporting database that allows you to store these reports, associated them with specific surveys and notify individuals of the report for review or future use. Decision Survey In A Box enables anyone on the Lotus Notes network (with proper access) to monitor, analyze, and report on the responses from published surveys.

There are key elements that need to be considered in creating a survey. ETS can advise and consult with you to assure that all steps are addressed to assure the success of the survey and to capture of useful data. Below are just some of the many items that you may need to consider before launching a survey and DSB can assist you with all of them:

Decision Survey In A Box R 5.0 Features
Need More? Try Customizing Decision Survey In A Box

Your organization may find the need to tailor certain areas of Decision Survey In A Box to fulfill specific needs. By purchasing the Software Developer’s Kit, your company, an Authorized ETS Partner or ETS can modify these applications or integrate them with any third-party applications such as reporting tools or other legacy systems to further extend your survey capabilities.
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