Emerging Technology Solutions Inc. and Lotus Domino Bring the Power of the Web to the Company Help Desk

A powerful tool for creating and maintaining an internal Help Desk called Help Desk In A Box. These solutions will help any sized business to improve service internally to your employees. By using the power of Lotus Domino and Lotus Notes, Emerging Technology Solutions Inc. has created Help Desk In A Box to allow any company support desk to - create trouble tickets, set escalation processes, manage solution resources, and create a problem solving knowledge base.

Help Desk In A Box Product Features

Internal workstation and network support
Complete security and access control
Company employee information database
Automated escalation process and notification process
Utilize Procedures on trouble tickets
Task assignment and tracking database
Comprehensive reporting and statistical review
Knowledge base creation and leveraged support
Contract management for tracking warranties, support contracts, etc.

With Help Desk In A Box and Lotus Domino, the company support desk can provide employees solutions via a corporate Intranet/Internet and can monitor their problem reports with any standard web browser. Help Desk In A Box offers a powerful suite of Lotus Notes applications that allow for advanced problem resolution. These suites of Lotus Notes applications help companies achieve a competitive advantage through superior service automation.

Help Desk In A Box is an integrated support solution that offers complete call management; call tracking, asset management, problem resolution, and problem reporting, with all the functionality of Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino. This provides an easy to use Help Desk system that assists companies in meeting the increasing demand for support. In order to operate and maintain a quick and efficient support desk, businesses require the proper tools to resolve the issues at hand.

Help Desk In A Box databases include -

Employee Information
Store detailed information about past, current, and new employees including: job information, reporting structure, locations and contact information.
Support desk staff can easily find employee contact information with a simple button

Asset Inventory
Store detailed information regarding Assets of the company, supervisors responsible. Locations and values
Identify computer assets for tracking software, configuration files, and other computer specific information
Provides a full check-in / check-out process that allows management to identify the employee responsible for that asset
Create Asset Transfer forms for authorizing the transfer of assets to new locations and keep an accurate asset history

Contract Manager
Store contracts for maintenance, service level agreements or support services
At a glance identify customers that have support contracts in place or are about to expire for additional sales revenue
Review contracts for terms and conditions quickly generate new contracts for renewals and route contracts for approval and review and update the status as accordingly.

Task Manager
Manage task assignments, responsible parties, and current status
View the level of effort assigned to each employee for load balancing
Automatically post tasks to individual calendars and “to do” lists

Call Reporting
Call reports can be initiated by support desk personnel, or employees / customers as appropriate
Identify unlimited priorities, locations and call types
Up to 3 levels of automated escalation and notification for each call priority
Troubleshoot issues by easily accessing the Knowledge database
Track call status, communication history, notify support staff or the employee / customer when appropriate

Knowledge Database
Capture historical call reports for analysis of problem trend or recurring issues
Provide access to your employee / customer so that they might resolve their issue without tying up valuable support desk resources
Help Desk Procedures
Capture standard procedures that are used for routine support or maintenance
Help desk procedures can be easily selected and brought into a specific Call Report so technicians and engineers can see at a glance the process and steps required to address a user request.

Functionality included in Help Desk In A Box -

Knowledge Base Administration
In addition to the other capabilities, included is the ability to leverage each support call by creating a Knowledge Base that all support personnel can utilize in order to minimize call support duration and maximize the efficiency of the support desk. This Knowledge Base is also available to allow users to solve problems themselves without using support desk resources.

Technical Support Administration
Maintain technical support names, numbers and qualifications with a simple click of a button. Keep a current listing of certifications and training in the skills database. Maintain and manage authorization levels and personnel in the Approval database.

On-Line Help
ETS provides the end user as well as Help Desk personnel an on-line help feature. This allows all areas of the ETS products to be easily navigated and utilized from the first day it is implemented. With several help databases integrated throughout HDB, even non-technical users and analysts resolve problems quickly without intervention from senior support levels.

Notification Regulation
Help Desk In A Box allows you to notify and update your employees in a manner that is most efficient for them (E-Mail, Pager, Fax, Phone, or Voice Mail). HDB not only allows you the ability to respond to your end users in multiple mediums, but also allows your customers to log trouble tickets via multiple methods as well.

Support Measurement
In order for any company to identify potential problem areas with products and/or services, they must be able to track and monitor support desk activity. HDB allow you to track and monitor repeated service items, resolution duration, call center proficiency, and user support ratings.

Existing Data Migration
Due to Lotus Domino and Lotus Notes’ ability to operate on multiple platforms and various operating systems, you can easily import existing data and knowledge base information into these easy to use Help Desk solutions. Emerging Technology Solutions and ETS Business Partners can assist you with the migration of your existing data into Help Desk In A Box, saving what is most important, your existing data.

Ingeniously Integrated
The ETS products integrate the essential areas of any Help Desk in a remarkably unique way. Emerging Technology Solutions Inc. has developed HDB using Lotus Domino and Lotus Notes to make the information readily available. With these applications you can now maximize the effectiveness of Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino to better service your employees.

Completely Customizable
With your purchase of a Help Desk In A Box Software Development Kits (SDK's) not only will you own the most powerful suite of support desk applications, but you also have the ability to modify and customize any of the applications to suit your specific needs. HDB allow you to set the escalation levels, approval processes, customize fields, and even create call back parameters. All source code is provided with the SDK and can be customized by your own development team or Emerging Technology Solutions Inc. can assist with modifications and in building new/custom applications that can be integrated with the "In A Box" products.

System Requirements
Help Desk In A Box requires no additional software or hardware beyond a standard Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino installation. For specific software and hardware requirements contact Emerging Technology Solutions Inc:

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10698 Deerfield Road
Franktown, Colorado 80116 USA
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