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Avocet software provides our customers IBM / Lotus collaborative solutions with customization to meet their unique needs, improve staff productivity, customer loyalty and service. See our "Services" section for a full list of the services that we provide.

Avocet has been in business since 1998 and much of our business has been done for large organizations; taking over strategically important, but challenging Notes/Domino projects that had suffered from staffing departures and support issues. We have been able to resolve the issues, accomplish the original objectives and often mentor staff members to take over ongoing development and support after our departure. We have also provided ongoing support for the staff, on an "on call" basis.

Because we have indepth experience in IT management, we have also been able to assist smaller organizations with their planning for the implementation and use of IBM Notes/Domino technology.

And though many of our projects have involved complex applications, such as Knowledge Management and workflow, we also develop web sites, E-commerce sites and similar web applications.